Are you a student of antiquities?  A historian?  Do you honor your Native American roots?  Are you seeking deeper information on an ancient civilization?  Do you practice New Age worship, and seek to uncover the origins of its place throughout history? Students, those who honor ancient civilizations, those who practice Earth and Sky philosophies, Christians who wish to enhance Biblical knowledge of the Old Testament: The Nephilim Chronicles, Volumes I and II, are for you.  Read on…..

What began as a desire to produce a short documentary on the moundbuilders of the Ohio Valley region over 10 years ago culminated into the discovery of an ancient civilization whose story remained untold.  Pieces of archaeological findings throughout the globe – from remains of giant skeletons to the extensive numerology used by this ancient race to create mounds and earthworks positioned according to the rise and fall of the sun – eluded a proper understanding by even academic historians and archaeologists.  Until now.

Independent researcher, author and antiquities preservationist Fritz Zimmerman, B.A. presents 10 years of research in his two-volume work, The Nephilim Chronicles.  It is the most complete reporting of ALL of the giant skeletons unearthed throughout the ages from across the globe.

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley (Volume I) trails the origins of the “Bedrock Race”, debunking Beringia, providing undeniable evidence and outlining – completely – the Nephilim’s migration across the globe, as chronicled by mounds and earthworks they built and symbolism they used.  Those seeking factual, historical data on information such as:

  • who really built Stonehenge, and many other earthworks throughout the world
  • most complete list of giant skeletons and artifacts – none have chronicled this many
  • origins of New Age beliefs – how pre-Native American Indians really worshiped
  • origins of numerology, and how it was used to align mounds and earthworks perfectly towards the rising and setting suns
  • The Nephilim
  • why the Beringia landbridge theory is a myth
  • origins of Earth Mother worship, and common symbolism still used today
  • origins of Sky/Sun Father worship and symbolism used today
  • the Amorites of the Bible, and the Ainu
  • …..and much more!

The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley (Volume II) provides the serious reader with exact locations of mounds and earthworks found in the Ohio Valley region.  The reader can take a self-guided tour of never-before discovered mounds and earthworks throughout the entire Ohio Valley.  For those seeking to honor the burial sites of the ancestors of Native American Indians – Sioux, Cherokee, Allegewi (Hopewell) – or those simply wishing to see for themselves.  Includes photographs and geographical markers for ease of location.

Travel Guide to the Burial Mounds and Earthworks in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan

The most comprehensiveTravel Guide to the Burial Mounds and Earthworks in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, 222 mounds and earthwork sites photographed and directions provided


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Giant human skeletons in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin,

The most comprehensive lists of giant human skeletons ever published


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