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Presented here is evidence that the Hunters and Fishers of Europe who spanned the extent of the northern reaches of Eurasia spread to both the North American Eastern and Western shores.  Similar artifacts are found across the globe that indicate that the accepted belief of the Berengia Theory is a actually myth, and that a Maritime people came to this continent between the years 7000 B.C.-2000 B.C.  Skeletal remains in Denmark that were found in glacial kames were said to look similar to those of the Plains Indians or the Sioux.

Skeletal remains on the western Pacific coast have shown similarities with the Ainu of the northern Islands of Japan.  European historians have described these Maritime peoples as a Mongoloid Cro-Magnon hybrid, or, the “Bedrock Race” from which we are all descended.  In northern Europe and the northern Japanese Islands, these Maritime people have been described as having “archaic” type features that included a furrowed brow, sloping forehead and massive jaws.  This same skull type is ubiquitous across North America. These remains are generally found in glacial kames – just as they were in Europe.

These people are called the Nephilim, and their story has been untold until now.  I have provided a complete documentation of over 300 giant skeletons throughout the globe, and over 100 mounds and earthworks.  The most complete collection you will find.  My work took over 10 years to compile.The first volume,”The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angles in the Ohio Valley is divided in two sections.  The first section chronicles the Hunters and Fishers that spanned the European and Asian continents. It has been believed by the foremost experts in European prehistory that these people had circumnavigated the globe in the northern latitudes.  Evidence is presented here that links the Early Native American tribes of the Sioux, Iroquois and Cherokee people to the same Hunters and Fishers.

The culmination of this work exists in two recently-published books:  The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley (Volume I), and The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley (Volume II).  Thank you for visiting my page, please comment respectfully.  I welcome and appreciate all comments and trackbacks.

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